Sounds, eats, culture, smells, landscapes and thrills are just some few hours away! I am always famished with cultural immersion by the time my next adventure has finally arrived. The wonderful experiences and sense of unfamiliarity is soon to be had and I. Just. Can’t. Wait! I am always thrilled for the sense of unknown and seeing what more I am capable of.

Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam; All completely foreign to me. Just the visualization of being on that plane and taking my first steps off, brings me joy to know I am soon to discover new notions, new faces, and new floods of emotions. One great thing about this adventure is I am sharing my experiences with my loved one. I have always traveled solo without a significant companion. I am completely excited to create this experience together. As this is Rob’s first time out of country, I am curious to see the personal experiences and insights he gains when he finds himself in the completely unknown . . .

Remembering my first experiences abroad in India, rushed with senses of curiosity and the desire to soak up as much as possible; learning as much as I could. Immediately forgetting any insecurities I may have had and accepting what was ever laid in front of me. Excitement can be such a powerful emotion with many subcategories. I find every time I travel, the same sense of joy fills my heart while I take off on that plane. Feeling as though I have a true sense of self that is about to be satisfied and overwhelmed with pleasure.

I am dying to have challenging perspectives presented before me. An environment different from my own. Learning about the world. Gaining memories and enlightenment to change my life forever.



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