Pura Vida

Costa Rica’s representation of lifestyle consists of Pura Vida. Pure life. What Costa Rica is known for. The country’s phrase and lifestyle. It’s used as a greeting, such as a “Hello” or “Goodbye” or “Nice to meet you.” A conotation of enjoyment and pleasure. It is the expression of happiness and agreement. Everything is simply pura vida in Costa Rica.

The Ticos of the land (Costa Ricans), without fail, use pura vida on a regular basis. Someone may ask you, “How is everything?” Your response? “Pura vida.” The expression of carefree, loveliness, and feeling blessed among their Catholic landscapes. I find I use Pura vida mostly in cases of satisfaction and enjoyment as well as a simple farewell. Pura vida is an art of relaxation, piggy backing onto the notion of pleasure and enjoyment.

Costa Rican life is Pura vida.



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