Mornings in Maui

The mornings in Maui are none like any other I have experienced. There is a certain substance that floats in the air. Like a haze of calm and beauty. Whether I wake at sunrise or just after, that sense of peace and joy resonates in my soul. 

To be honest, I never had the strong urge to travel to Hawaii. I was always drawn to the international side of destinations. You know, the unfamiliar. The languages I couldn’t understand. Culture that is completely opposite of my own. The heart pounding sensation you get when you are venturing alone for the first time in a country that is completely different than anything you had ever known or experienced. I certainly wasn’t too intrigued on the popular sought after lay-on-the-beach-for-ten-days vacation. The vacation the Joneses like to boast to all the other neighbors. I sought discomfort, eye awakening and mind blowing adventures. But, I will say I had underestimated Hawaii.

There is no argument that Hawaii isn’t beautiful. The various sand textures from one island to the next, the various rock formations of lava are eye capturing, and those gorgeous colorful plants and flowers everywhere you walk are a sight for sore eyes. Not to mention the incredible wildlife you can see if you seize the opportunity. Hawaii is fabulous. There are activities out the kazoo to do. Hiking, whale watching, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, watching the sting rays, surf, shop, luaus, fishing, fire dance, golf, swim, paddle board, etc. The list is never ending. But out of all the wonderful things to do in Hawaii, especially Maui, enjoyment of those lustful mornings on the island are my favorite. 

Whether I am watching the gorgeous sunrise, where no picture will do it justice, or just basking in the sound of birds, I am as content as can be. I love taking a light stroll to the beach or to my favorite breakfast cafe, the Kihei Cafe. One of the best parts of walking early in the morning before all the beach bums completely awaken is no heavy traffic has yet commenced. The road noise is limited and the homeless are not yet awake. The heat is comfortable and not yet overly toasty. The few people you see out and about are possibly barefoot or exercising. The aura around you looks as if someone turned up the “warmth” feature on their Instagram filter. Bright colors of blues, purples, pinks, yellows, oranges, reds, and luscious greens frame your pathways. It is the perfect setting for a self care morning and sets the tone for a peaceful day. 

Now, I say Maui specifically, but really this could relate to any of the Hawaiian islands. I have been to the Big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. Each morning I have experienced has all been different of course, but they all still provide that healing sense of warmth and fulfillment. One of my favorite morning experiences is to surrender to the sounds of birds. The various birds that sing to one another I could relax and listen to all day. Some mornings I will even free dance to the sound of just birds to set my day right. Nature can be so healing and completely inspiring. 

Once I stuff my belly full of delicious coconut pineapple sweet bread French toast and coconut syrup, I make my way to the beach for an early morning swim. Nothing is better than that first spiritual cleanse of the day, possibly year, or even just month. But that first venture into the hues of blue water and complimentary sand beds is exhilarating. I have always had a water obsession. My water obsession deserves its own blog post really. In short, it resets me. It feels natural for me to be in water.

Yet, once I take that first plunge and release my body to exercise and curiosity I submit to a relaxing flotation session. I lay there on my back, lifeless in my limbs, simply listening to deep breaths coursing through my chest and belly. In the distance I can hear the waves sweep the shores or the water lightly move underneath my body. I release my body’s rise and fall to the consistency of the ocean. Considering it to be fairly early, most people have yet to venture their way to the beach except a handful of people. I sink into a deep meditation, I can only feel the comfortable coolness of the water and the sun blanketing my skin. My eyes and lips are maybe an inch above water. In these moments I am more at peace with my life and body and soul than most of the year. Who knows how much time really goes by before I actually tread myself upright. Though when I do, I see a turtle pop it’s head up about thirty feet away from me. Amazing. I love those moments when your surroundings are blessed by the beautiful wildlife of the world. 

I dive to the ocean shore bed and sweep my hands in the sand as I swim under the rolling waters. everything is soft and luxurious feeling. the saltwater is gentle enough to allow your eyes to open. Little fishes swim along the sands and you tend to look for large shadowy masses hoping for another turtle. Slowly I make my way back to the shore and for a little sun therapy I bask in the rays of sunshine and let me soul be still. 

Maui mornings are enriching.

Morning hike at Diamond Head in Honolulu, HI
My henna on Maui, Hi

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